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Volvo Trucks will deliver Amazon Alexa in new heavy-duty trucks

More and more big names in the auto industry are adding Amazon voice assistant Alexa in their vehicles. We have already talked about Audi adding Alexa to their new cars, now Volvo is adding it in their new trucks.

As announced by Volvo, from March 2021, the new Volvo FH, Volvo FH16, Volvo FM, and Volvo FMX will be the first commercial heavy-duty trucks that will have built-in Alexa. The main focus for adding Alexa in their trucks is to improve driver environment, safety, and productivity.

“We have developed Volvo characteristics, including ergonomics, comfort and safety, and combined them with innovative technology, such as Alexa, to create an even more attractive and productive driver environment,”

says Samuel Nerdal, Product Manager for electronics and electrical solutions at Volvo Trucks.

Alexa should help the truck drivers with selecting the best route for them (if the truck is equipped with a Volvo navigation system), playing their favorite music, make phone calls to customers or family members, or access the audiobooks. With Alexa, drivers can keep their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road.

“Volvo Trucks understands that voice technology is essential to create the optimal experience for drivers of their heavy-duty trucks and we’re excited that Alexa is the chosen voice service to deliver this,” said Ned Curic, Vice President, Alexa Automotive. 

“Alexa can be a helpful friend on the road for Volvo truck drivers, keeping them connected, entertained and productive.” 

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