Audi is adding Alexa to the part of their new models

Audi is adding Alexa to the part of their new models

Audi E-Tron SUV, which is entirely electric is going to be the first one to integrate Alexa in it. It provides “many” of the very same features which you could find on the Amazon Echo smart speaker in North America and Europe.

Unlike other automotive integrations, Alexa will be integrated into Audi’s Multi Media Interface (MMI), which means that drivers would not have to connect to the application in their phone to the car to utilize the Assistant. Instead, they merely need to link their Amazon account to the car’s infotainment system, and then the LTE module at the vehicle will provide the connection.

After linking the car to your Amazon account, you’ll be able to use your voice to issue a complete range of Alexa commands to playback music, add things to your to-do listing, access weather info, order food to your home, and also control any Alexa-enabled devices you might have in your home.

The E-tron is actually not Audi’s first vehicle to provide voice controls since this was also done before in A8. Anyways, Audi follows the attempts of numerous other car manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, VW (Audi’s parent company), and Toyota in building in service for Amazon’s robust voice assistant and ecosystem of Alexa Skills.

Amazon introduced its Alexa Auto SDK only over a past month, allowing manufacturers like Audi to offer you this more profounding level of integration using Alexa.

In-car voice supporters are becoming more and more used. Google, Amazon, and Apple have worked with car manufacturer companies to incorporate Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Other auto manufacturers, such as BMW and Mercedes Benz, have also announced plans to create their very own in-car assistants. This area is wide open, so the time will show how will it evolve, as right now, this is still in early stages.

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